Bonus Round - Rocket Science

You are going to build a bottle rocket

Step 1: Planning

In your groups of 2-3, draw the design of your rocket. Note down the materials you will need to build it. Draw a diagram showing the forces that will act on the rocket. Include the equipment you require.

This Website has some interesting information to help you plan

Extension: Can you design a parachute system that will deploy when the rocket starts to fall?

Step 2: Building

You must bring your own Coke/Pepsi bottle. We will provide you with tape, cardboard and anything else you might have ordered during the planning phase

Look at the video on the right. Can your rocket withstand those forces?

Step 3: Launching

Safety first! A teacher will pressurise your bottle wearing safety glasses. Then, it's up to your group to release the rocket for launch. Don't forget the count-down!

You might be able record your launch with a camera or phone but only if you ask for permission first