Dear Parents,

As some of you may be aware, the school’s internet connection for students is often slow. I can appreciate that this is extremely frustrating for our students, and it’s frustrating for myself as a teacher. Please be assured that the school is rapidly working on fixing this problem – I have been pestering our network administrators constantly. The problem is certainly going to be solved - it's just a matter of when.

In the meantime, there is an option that allows students to install their science textbook directly onto their computer, and I would like you to assist your child in installing this functionality. This is called “PearsonBookshelf”. Unfortunately, this can only be performed at home, again, due to restrictions on our network.

Step 1:

            Download and install using this link  (Note: PearsonBookshelf might already be installed)

Step 2:

            Run PearsonBookshelf and click "Check for New eBooks" (see below)

Step 3:
            Log in using your Pearson Places credentials (username is full email address) and download your textbooks!

From here, you can install the eBook for Pearson Science 8 or 9. You will need an internet connection to download this eBook initially. From this point on, access to the eBook can be made from anywhere, regardless of internet connection. Just open PearsonBookshelf.

Thankyou for your help on this matter.


Dr Pusey