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Physics 5 - Electrical Circuits

Activity 1: Once you've gone through the presentation on Electrical circuits, time to complete the electricity basics summary sheet.

Activity 2: Do you know your circuit components? Test yourself with this Pearson Circuit Components Interactivity

Activity 3: Download the PhET Circuit Kit & Complete this guide

Activity 4: Time for some real work - Apply your knowledge with this Drawing and Analysing Circuits Super Fun Problem Sheet

Activity 6: Complete this Series and Parallel Circuits Interactivity

Experiment 1 - be safe!:

Activity 7: Boring Bookwork Day - Read Pearson Chapter 6.2 and complete this Super Easy Worksheet.

Experiment 2: Time for some guided inquiry! Complete this Resistance and Current Investigation

Experiment 3: Build a Lemon Battery (Pearson 9 - 6.2, page 197) - Submit Here

Experiment 4: After going through the second presentation on the right, complete this Series and Parallel Circuits Discovery Mission!

Activity 8: Ohm's Law Mega Workpack
Interactive: PhET Ohm's Law Simulator

Experiment 5: Voltage and Current Investigation