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Physics 3 - Light

Activity 1: How well do you understand Electromagnetic Waves? Have a look at Pearson Chapter 5.1 and Complete this Electromagnetic Spectrum Summary Sheet.

Experiment 1: Fun with Light - Complete this worksheet

Activity 2: Light is easy - you can see it! Read through Pearson Chapter 4.3 and then of course we have the Light Reflection Summary Sheet for you to complete.

Activity 3: Complete this Measuring Light Comprehension Task

Extension 1: Reflection Snooker

Activity 4: Now things get interesting. Have a go at this refraction Summary Sheet

Activity 5: Enjoy and Complete this Interactive Task. Don't forget to paste your score into your OneNote.

Experiment 2 & 3: Light Box Investigation - Refraction - Part 1 & 2.

Activity 6: Ray Diagram Drawing Task

Extension 2: Experiment with the Blind Spot with This Website

Activity 7: Anatomy of the Eye Summary Sheet

Experiment 4: Eye Dissection - Get your guide here