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Chem 3 - Compound Naming and Bonds

Activity 1: Naming Compounds is Easy - Prove it by completing this summary sheet. (Send to OneNote as a print-out)

Activity 2:
Complete this Ionic Bonding Interactivty. Paste the final score in your One-Note and then answer this: "Why is Question 8 a poor question to ask?"

Activity 3: You should now be able to complete this Naming Worksheet. Don't forget to add it to your OneNote document. (Solutions soon)

Activity 4: Tour this interactive demonstration to help understand ionic and covalent bonding (and their differences).

Homework: Pearson Activity Book 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5 - Due Wednesday 30th March - Answers Here

Practical 1: Which compounds conduct electricity when in solution? Pearson 9, Chapter 1.2, Page 20.

Activity 5: Complete the activities on This Website. Screen-clip your quiz scores. EXTENSION: Try the more advanced problems

Activity 6: By now you should be able to determine the number and types of atoms in any Chemical Formula. Prove it by filling out this worksheet!

Activity 7: Nothing says "grind a skill" quite like this bad boy... enjoy!