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Biology 5 - Ecosystems Introduction

Activity 1: Make sure you sort out an introduction to Ecosystems Terminology.

Activity 2: Complete Page 123 of your Pearson Activity Book

Activity 3: Make sure you understand the basics of Biotic Factors by completing this worksheet. You will need to visit this Ladybird Simulator.

Experiment 1: Use your knowledge of photosynthesis to conduct a series of investigations with this package. You will need to use this Photosynthesis Lab.

Activity 4: Complete this ultimate Work Pack on how different organisms live together.

Activity 5: Maintain your own Rabbit Ecosystem. Write a report on your findings.

Activity 6: Learn about Feeding relationships with this worksheet

Activity 7: Clickview - Energy in Ecosystems

Activity 8: Clickview - Food chains and food webs

Activity 9: Check out this website about Adaptions

Activity 10: Complete this Adaptions Work Pack

Activity 11: Food web work pack - Needs a Blank A4 Sheet.

Activity 12: Food Web - Work Pack A and Work Pack B

Activity 13: Food Pyramids Worksheet - Needs a Blank A4 Sheet

Activity 14: Time to Learn about the Carbon Cycle (maybe later)

Activity 15: Biodiversity Research Task

Experiment 2: Greenhouse Effect