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Biology 3 - Disease

Experiment 1: Patient Zero! Use your scientific inquiry skills to find the source of a disease outbreak.

Activity 1:
Know your words? Complete this terminology worksheet

Activity 2: Complete this quick terminology interactivity. Use your Pearson textbook to assist, or go with your gut!

Activity 3: Disease pathogens mega work-pack!

Activity 4: You will be allocated a disease (list here) to write a PowerPoint (1 slide) about. The class will be relying on you!

Activity 5: Round robin investigation on diseases! Use this chart to get your research done!

Activity 6a: Run through this worksheet to learn about Bad effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

Activity 6b: Run through this worksheet to learn about Good uses for Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

Activity 7: Complete this work pack to understand the various ways that disease can spread.