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Physics 4a - PhET Lunar Lander

Below is a simulation of how Astronauts needed to land on the moon. You need to land between the two smooth rocks shown below:

Construct a table to see who in your trio can land with the following achievements:
  • Softest Landing
  • Hardest Landing
  • Most fuel remaining
Then answer the following questions (one set of answers per person!)
  1. Why do you think Dr Pusey chose that particular spot to land, rather than just below the start?
  2. What forces are acting during the simulation?
  3. Draw a force diagram showing the lander as it slowed down towards the rocky bottom
  4. Draw a force diagram showing the lander once it has touched down
  5. If the mass of the lander is 10 Tonnes, what is it's weight on the moon? You might need to do some research!

Good luck!

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