Year 8 Task Part 2

Meet Baby Oscar Pusey!

State of Matter Movie

  • Form groups of 3-4 students and make a video (live action, animation, cartoon, whatever you like!).
  • Use your laptop cameras and the classroom to make your movie.
  • Your video should depict a short story (action, adventure, romance, whatever you want!) that features the different states of matter that you have been researching.
  • Your story should include true facts about your states of matter, but you are able to take artistic license to make your video interesting. For example, the movie Spectral is about ghosts that are made out of Bose Einstein Condensate that could only be seen with special cameras. 
  • You must use at least one of your researched states of matter in your video.
  • Your movie should be between 3-5 minutes long, and feature at least the voices of everybody in the group.
  • You only have two lessons to work on this as a group. Start making it immediately!
Due Date: Good Friday - Use the link below to place your video file (mp4 or avi).