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Chem 2 - Particles and Matter

Activity 1: Once you have gone through the first presentation, complete this Particle Theory Worksheet

Practical 1: Aim: To determine the effect that temperature has on the dissolving of substances into water.

Activity 2: Complete this additional activity on Brownian Motion

Activity 3: Finish Early? Check out this Expansion/Contraction of Matter Interactive Fun (use headphones)

Homework 1: Pearson Activity Book 7.5 (page 79-80)

Practical 2: Aim: To measure the density of unknown metals using different techniques.

Activity 4: Read Pearson 8 Textbook Chapter 7.2 and Complete Review Questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14.

Activity 5: Check out this states of matter interactive

Practical 3: Aim: To determine the melting point of different types of chocolate.

Homework 2: Pearson Activity Book 7.4

Activity 6: Individual Research Task & Competition:

Hello Year 8s! For Friday's lesson you need to research a state of matter other than solids, liquids gasses and plasma. Here are a list to get you started. Once you have chosen your state of matter, you are to research it and answer the following questions:

What is it?
Under what conditions does it form?
Has it been found? If so, how?
Lots of random fun facts
Pictures / Illustrations

As you research, you must add information to your OneNote to demonstrate progress (I will be checking Friday night!). Don't forget to reference any website articles. This part of the project is individual, but you can choose the same state of matter as a friend.

Part 2 - Click Here

Extra 1: Brownian Motion Video
Extra 2: Solids Liquids & Gases Catch-em Game
Extra 3: Solids/Liquids/Gases Interactivity
Extra 4: Review of solids, liquids and gases