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Biology 8 - Reproduction

Activity 1: Become an expert on reproduction by carefully reading Chapter 4.2 of Pearson 8 (pages 139-145). Once done, complete Review Questions 1-16.

Activity 2: Working in pairs, create a PowerPoint Presentation!. It should be titled "Reproduction". Use the "Insert, Audio" to record a script. 7 slides, 4 minutes maximum.
  • Distinguish between asexual and sexual reproduction and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each (2 slides, 1 minute))
  • Describe 2 examples of asexual reproduction in plants-  regeneration, budding, spores, bulbs, runners, rhizomes, tubers, tap roots, binary fission (1 Slide, 30 seconds)
  • Describe the reproductive (sexual) parts and function of the flower – male parts: anther, filament and female parts: stigma, style, ovary (1 Slide, 30 seconds)
  • Describe where the male and female gametes (pollen and ovules) are produced in the flower (1 Slide, 1 minute)
  • Describe two method plants use to ensure pollination and fertilisation occurs. (2 Slides, 1 minute)
Best 2 presentations win chocolate, glory, and their presentations go on this website!

Done - Check 'em out!
    Experiment 1: Flower Dissection - take photos and place them on your OneNote for labeling!