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Biology 4 - Specialised Cells and Tissue

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Activity 1: Demonstrate your understanding of the different types of specialised cells with this worksheet.

Activity 2: Once you're an expert on Specialised Cells (Hint: Make sure you read Pearson Chapter 2.3, you can complete the Specialised Cell Summary Sheet

Activity 3: Have a quick read of this chapter then complete this summary sheet on Cells to Organisms

Extension 1: Take a look at this Interactivity to explore more about cells and systems.

Extension 2: Complete this lightning task on determining the difference between cells, tissue and organs!

Assignment 1 - fun for another time
Produce a Poster showing the relationship between an Organism, System, Organ, Tissue and Cell (See Slide 1) for your nominated Organism. At least one paragraph for each section will be required. Choose your own Organism, doesn't have to be real!