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Physics 1 - Forces

Activity 1 - Run through Presentation 1 and make sure you understand the presented concepts.

Activity 2 - Use This Activity to help with your understanding

Activity 3 - Demonstrate your understanding of forces using by completing This worksheet

Activity 4 - Check your knowledge of force diagrams by completing This Worksheet

Activity 5 - Run through Presentation 2 and make sure you understand the presented concepts

Video 1 - Feather and Bowling ball experiment: Check out and comment on this video if you haven't seen it in class. Which force was removed and which force was studied?

Activity 6 - Complete the pearson review questions on Gravity and Friction

Activity 7 - Watch Dr Pusey's "Forces in Movies" presentation and complete a summary of forces observed. Categorise them into contact / non contact.
Presentation 1 - Forces Introduction

Presentation 2 - Gravity and Friction