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Chem 7 - Oxidation & Reduction

Note for 2018: This year Redox is very simple - you only need to be able to complete your Metal Displacement Reactions workpack, which is Activity 1 (and any homework of course).

Activity 1 - Complete your Metal Displacement Reactions and Redox Work Pack and Experiment

Extension 1 - Check out these Interactive Experiments

Activity 2 - Check out the Redox section of Chapter 5.2 of Pearson and then complete this review of Redox reactions and electrons.

Videos - Once you've had an initial look, check out these videos to help you along the way.
Activity 3a - Check out this Half Reactions Interactive

Activity 3b - What about this Equations Interactive

Activity 4 - Have a try at this step-by-step tutorial on writing Redox Equations

Activity 5 - Use these rules to help you complete this worksheet on Redox Numbers

Activity 6 - Ok time to apply your knowledge and finish this easy redox practice sheet - Here are your solutions!

Activity 7 - Now consolidate and answer these exam style redox problems - Here are your solutions!

Activity 8 - Learn about Metal Displacement in page 155 of this Pearson Extract and then complete this Simple Summary Sheet.

Experiment 1 - Make your own observations of Metal Displacement Reactions and write up a report in your OneNote

Activity 9 - Recap Redox by reading this extract and completing Questions 6-17.

Activity 10 - Check out this awesome interactive on Galvanic Cells