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STEM Project

Want to know more about the STEM Specialist Course?

Already in? Great! Congratulations on choosing to undertake a STEM Project. This page should provide you with some inspiration for project ideas.

Engineering Process

The undertaking of your project should follow a standard Inquiry or Engineering Design Process. Use these processes to guide your Project File.

Project Ideas

The following is a list of brief project ideas that students have thrown around over the last couple of years. You may wish to take a look for inspiration to come up with your own - Some are quick and easy, some are quite long and complex. You have the freedom to be as creative and innovative as you wish.

  • Turn a Sphero into a bowling ball that returns to you automatically after you have "bowled" it
  • Build a robot that can play the piano
  • Write an app that provides assistance to people with unique disabilities (e.g. claustrophobia)
  • Build a device (or a prototype) that can automatically score goals in your favourite sport.
  • Build an amazing video game to enter the STEM Video Game competition
  • Build the best Lego EV3 robot and take it to Robocup's Rescue, Dance or Soccer competition
  • Build a prototype hovercraft
  • Build artificial intelligence that responds like a counsellor for people suffering depression/anxiety
  • Write your first program using a new coding language
  • Build a robotic arm or hand that can pick up an object or even just wave
  • Solder your first electrical circuit
  • Help find a solution to food wastage
  • Develop a home recycling plant
  • Build an all-terrain remote control scientific instrument (Mars Rover)
  • Design a low-cost energy efficient house for Australian climate
  • Build an efficient self-watering system for plants